Monday, April 2, 2018

Still around xiaomi

Still around xiaomi. . . Redmi 3, 3pro, 3s, 3s pro, 3x For the case of 3G / 4G network does not appear in the signal bar, If from the software is fixed benar2 OK imei, baseband appears,
QCN jg sdh sure ok, and has been selected in 3G / LTE mode , but 3G / 4G not jg sticking Big possibility of hardware problem, like what? here's the brief explanation: Redmi 3 / 3s family, if radio bs is set ON (not OFF) do not first direct the RF ic (WTR) especially if still out the signal, although cm edge, which means ic RF (WTR) 4G not out (100% ok software) bs check or follow simple tips via hardware below. inshaAllah tricks I have tested myself, and the result jreng May be Helpful to solve the case above Next planning: Peel the signal "No Service / Emergency Call Only" family xiaomi sinyal


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