Sunday, May 27, 2018

How to Overcome Hardbrick, Dead Total / Failed Flashing Xiaomi (Test Point)

How to Overcome Hardbrick / Dead Total / Failed Flashing Xiaomi (Test Point)

Hardbrick is a condition where your favorite smartphone is no sign of life at all. In this case, your Xiaomi will not be able to go into recovery mode / fastboot mode until there is not any notification when it is turned on, whether or not it is detected at all on PC / Laptop.

The cause of HP hardbrick can occur due to several things, including:

Failed at the time of flashing »this is the main cause of the most happening on HP Android. Failure of flashing can be caused by flashing or ROM error is used is not in accordance with peruntukkannya. In addition, flashing failure can also be caused due to disconnection of the process due to discharged battery or USB cable is not good;
eMMC is weak or broken »eMMC is a vital component of android smartphone. Inside this IC is the storage of partitions such as Bootloader, Recovery, System OS, Storage Media (Internal Storage), EFS and some other partitions. If your eMMC is weak or it starts to break, everything you change or oprek will be back to normal (read only). This is the reason why the flashing process is complete and successful but still your HP bootloop and can not boot to Homescreen because eMMC device you can not write (change / delete) again;
Rooting »The rooting process if done correctly is certainly not dangerous on your device, but if one chooses superSU (root file), it can cause your HP hardbrick;
OS is broken »The use of the OS in a long time without hentu of course can make your OS becomes damaged. This is what my Redmi Note 3G is experiencing. Damage to this OS can cause your smartphone to be hardbrick.
TWRP installation failed »Another cause of hardbrick is when failed to boot after installing TWRP. This is often the case because MIUI ROM prevents boot when partition recovery is modified and you keep using kernel stock (not installing noverity);
Some other possibilities ..
Well, if your smartphone has hardbrick, follow the following guidelines to overcome it ..

After reading the above explanation, of course now you understand that hardbrick condition means your HP total death. With this condition, then the only way to overcome it is to do a test point.

What is a test point?

Test point is a step to enter EDL mode when your HP has hardbrick, totally dead and can not enter recovery mode or fastboot. In this condition your HP will not be recognized by PC / Laptop unless using this test point.

This is a tough step to take ..


Because this step is the last step provided by Xiaomi to save the smartphone by doing a short contact at a certain point in the motherboard of your smartphone.

So you have to unload your smartphone to find this point ..!

What conditions should use this method?

Your device is totally dead, can not enter fastboot, recovery mode or download mode (EDL mode) but not because of hardware malfunction;
Your device stuck in Qualcomm USB 900e mode;
Devices use distributor ROM and in locked bootloader. UBL can not because the distributor ROM while going into EDL mode via fastboot command failed because it is not allowed (not UBL);
After understanding, here is the test point on some Xiaomi devices:


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