Friday, May 4, 2018


Problems about the lcd lights on redmi 2 often we meet, especially for the problem konslet / short dikapasitor on the anode led redmi 2 that causes the phone to die total. However, what we will discuss this time is the outages on red lcd redmi 2 but the condition of mobile phone is still on. Before we convict the diode, the winding or ic
light will be better if we check the capacitors around the lcd connector and the ic area of ​​the lamp, after we make sure that the lcd and lcd connectors are ensured in good condition or no problem. Because in some cases I encountered the source of the problem precisely derived from konsletnya capacitor on the path VREG_L17_2P85 on the lcd to cause the lcd lamp on redmi 2 off. Or maybe you have done the replacement ic light, diode or winding but the lcd lamp is not also lit. For that please see in the picture below:

If after we check the capacitors are short / konslet then we can do the injection method voltage to the capacitor with a maximum voltage of 2.8v to find the source shortnya, where the short components will feel hot. As in my video below, where the source konslet will feel hot if we feel, and coincidently the short component is capacitor C2004. What we do next is just a waste of the capacitor and the problem was over. Thank you and hope it is useful...

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