Thursday, September 17, 2020

How to Reset Samsung Fold GT-E1272 Forgot password

How to Reset Samsung Fold GT-E1272 Forgot Password

How to Reset Samsung Fold GT-E1272 Forgot Password - Hello everyone, this time we will discuss how to reset or flashing on a fold / flip Samsung cellphone with the GT-E1272 series that forgot the password. Sometimes we want to reset to factory settings and at that time we are also asked for a cellphone pin password, for the default password from a Samsung cellphone is 1234, but if the password has been changed and we forget the password, then Samsung fold gt -e1272 cannot be reset.

There are several ways that you can do to reset this folding Samsung, one of which is with the master reset code from Samsung itself, here's how to reset Samsung GT-E1272 with hard reset code from Samsung


1. Turn off the Foldable Samsung cellphone and remove the SIM card.

2. Turn on your Samsung mobile phone without a sim card

3. Then enter the code # * 7728 # or if it doesn't work, try this hard reset code * 2767 * 3855 #


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4. Wait for the phone to reset and return to factory settings

Then the foldable Samsung cellphone will automatically restart and return to factory settings, but for this method it can only be done if Samsung folds the GT-E1272 forgets the phone password to reset, but if Samsung fold is locked on the initial display as below, it will be difficult. to press the * and # buttons, some have tried it by making an SOS call then quickly typing the Samsung hard reset code, but this has worked, some have failed, well here is how to reset a foldable Samsung that forgot the password, namely by how to do flashing

Samsung Fold GT-E1272 Forgot Password


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