Friday, July 13, 2018

Major Components, Functions And Damages That Cause

The following is the introduction of the main components in phonsel, Function of component components in phonsel and damage arising from damage to the main component Phonsel:


q UEMK (Universal Power Management)

As a voltage giver to the supporting components phonsel and as well as a storage place no IMEI, Phone code and so on.

Damage arising if UEM is broken:

a. Totally dead

b. No signal

c. Insert sim card

d. Imei ???

e. Can not be charged

f. Ringing tone is off

g. Speaker is dead

h. Mic is off

i. No shakes

j. Lights off

k. 30 minutes dead

l. contact service


As a voltage giver to the supporting components phonsel

Damage if CCONT is broken:

a. No signal

b. Insert Simcard

c. Can not be charged

d. Totally dead

2. CPU (Central Procesing Unit)

As the center of phonic activity, work and organize all phonsel activities in accordance with its task, and is the brain of phonsel.

Damage that occurs when CPU is damaged:

a. No signal

b. Keypad error

c. Hank

d. Totally dead

3. Ic Flash

Data storage, same as hard drive in computer

Damage arising if the FLASH IC is damaged:

a. Totally dead

b. Blinking

c. Imei ???

d. Hank

e. Contact retailer / contact service

f. Liked to restart

4. EEPROM (Electrically Erase Programable Read Only Memory)

Storage of data on phonons designed to be independent of the presence of an electric current, functions as a storage place for factory data such as IMEI1, IMEI2, Security code, program version and date of manufacture

Damage arising if EEPROM is damaged:

a. Totally dead

b. Imei ???

c. Contact services


Voice signal processing into sound issued by the speaker and mic. There is also PCM (Pulse Code Module) and EEPROM that serves to read the signal code coming from the operator to be adjusted with imei phonsel.

Damage caused by damaged IC AUDIO:

a. Totally dead

b. No signal

c. No audio

d. Contact service


Temporary data storage, how it works depends on the electric current on phonsel, if phonsel is automatically shut off the data will be lost, this component is very closely related to cpu, the greater the capacity of RAM the greater Pula performance of the CPU, if RAM is damaged then the CPU is not can work

Damage arising from IC RAM Damage:

a. Totally dead


Controller while phonsel is in charger

Damage caused by broken CHARGING IC:

a. unallocated battery

b. sparator batre road continues even though the charge has been pulled

c. wasteful batre

d. Dead total (in total die condition due to IC Charging, try to lift this ic because phonsel stay alive without this ic)

8. IC UI

Data controller ordered by CPU on Vibrator, Buzzer, Led and is an automatic switch on phonsel

            Damage caused by IC UI is broken:

a. no vibration (vibrator)

b. no ringtones (Buzzer)

c. The light is not on

d. Totally dead

9. PA PA

The final amplifier signal will be emitted through ANTENNA

Damage caused by IC PA is damaged:

a. No signal

b. Total death (under this circumstance Try to raise the PA PA because phonsel still lives without this ic)

c. Wasteful batre

d. Emergency call only (sos only)

e. Call ended

f. No Access

RF IC (HAGAR); (Radio Frequency)

It functions as a controller for the RX (incoming) and TX signals (out) so that each part can work properly, this component consists of several parts: IF, Mixer, Oscillator, detector, encoder, decoder, AFC, Tone frequencies and Squelch.

Damage caused by RF IC is damaged:

A. Total Off

b. No signal

11. IC VCO (Voltage Control Oscilator)

As an Oscillator / frequency generator to be transmitted through the TX (transmitting) portion and the incoming frequency through RX (reception) to remain the same as emitted, besides that it is also a voltage regulator of the RF signal procesor

Damage caused by IC VCO is damaged

A. Total Off

b. Restart while viewing

c. Call ended

d. No signal

12. Filter RX / TX

As a filter incoming / outgoing signal

Damage caused by a corrupted Filter:

A. no signal

b. pseudonym

c. call ends (Ended call)

13. LCD (Liquid Cristal Display)

Devices that will display all activity on phonsel

Damage caused by damaged LCD:

A. No display on phonsel screen

14. Keypad / Button

Device to enter data on phonsel which commands CPU to turn on phonsel screen

Damage caused by Keypad corrupted:

A. can not instruct cpu to display commands from phonsel users


to transfer data from device to device having same facility

damage caused by BLUETOOTH damaged:

A. can not open gallery on phonsel

b. can not receive or send data via bluetooth


Devices for transferring data from devices that have similar facilities

Damage caused by INFRARED Damage:

A. can not receive data from the same device


As a wave transmitter device

Damage caused by ANTENNA SWIT is broken:

A. no signal (No Network)

b. call ends (call ends)

c. No acsess

d. Emergency calls only (sos only)


As a source of electrical current required.

Damage caused by BATTERY Damage:

A. dead phonsel

b. batre not filling


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