Saturday, July 14, 2018

What is IC Power ?

What is IC Power? Very often we hear the term when carrying a favorite smartphone to the service. Not infrequently the local technicians say that the IC Power smartphone we are damaged or problematic.

What is IC Power?
IC is an acronym of Intergrated Circuit, IC is a part incorporated in a series of electronic device machines, in this case the smartphone. there are many kinds of IC like IC FLASH, IC RAM, IC MEMORY, IC CPU and IC POWER.

we will try to answer the question of one of our friend named Sandi. Tempo hari Sandi asked about this component

Thus, Integrated Circuit Power on Mobile functions to distribute the incoming electrical voltage from the battery to be distributed / distributed to each component that needs it. Such as Wifi, Signal, Screen, etc. Damage to this component on the smartphone there are some conditions, first If damage occurs on this component most likely Mobile will die total. The second condition, if the damage occurs on the IC Power network, such as power lines for Buzzer end, then Mobile will not issue a ringtone.

How does IC Power work?
"This component is like a light switch, if for example function (condition ON) then the electricity can be flashed to the lights and lights well, but if for example damaged. the ga light will be on. easy like that "

"Usually if the charge gradually (usually if the charge until left to sleep) can make this hape broken component" -

IC Power is in the unity of the machine, so if there is damage and have to replace will take a lot of funds, because it is one of the components that are very important.

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